The Guts Of It | Overcoming Inaction and Procrastination When Writing A Book.

I’m an expert at planning. I’ve pondered over novel ideas for years and years, searching for imperfections before I start. Just in case I get a single word/idea/setting/anything wrong.

I’m on familiar “I’m writing a book” ground with myself as I write this. I’m at an empowered position of:

  1. Not having written anything yet
  2. Deciding on how it all fits together
  3. Daydreaming about the reactions

All of this adds up to the same old situation I’ve been in hundreds of times before. I feel energised by the very idea of being a writer, but I haven’t committed a word to this project. As I look at the rough ideas in front of me and see the potential, I’m years ahead of myself, planning into the third book.

With the lull of inaction and only planning, I’m in a golden zone of possibility.

My ideas are unknown quantities that could be the greatest book ever written, or could equally be a lump of words that are clumsy and poorly executed. It’s empowering to tell people that I’m writing a book. They look at me as if I’ve a great skill, and that is just not the case.

Wouldn’t it be easier to plan out the novel, to fill the walls with post its and little notes, then never write it? I could just let this blog peter out slowly over time. No-one is reading this anyway. Better to not try than go for it and confirm my fears that I’m not any good.

Well fuck that.

This is my last chance to truly consider writing a book. I’ve set in motion my best framework I can manage and I’m at the cusp of starting it. My subconscious is considering how to get out of this.

Well fuck that too.

I’m angry with myself for all these years passed by. For those that know me, you’d probably say I’m a pretty calm guy, nothing rocks my boat etc etc

Well that is the mindset that will ruin me. I have to get angry at myself to get this fire lit and start moving. I am a writer. I’ve valuable words to put out there that could make people smile and think and laugh at. If I get complacent and apathetic about this, then I’m shot through. I should quit this blog right now.

So this is the final fuck. And that is a fuck me.

I’m leaving that behind and writing this book. Let’s start.

So from last week (the framework of writing a book), there were the bullet points about planning and preparation:

  • Decide on an story idea – as mentioned, I’m pulling from an existing short story. Or at least, that’s the plan.
  • Figure out what, where and who the story is about.
  • Create a concrete breakdown of the story so I know what I’m writing and when in the year.
  • What research do I need to do for this novel?

So what have I answered of these, in reality? Nothing. With the consent to plan, I had taken my foot off the gas for a while.

So let’s start fresh tomorrow. This isn’t the blog I wanted to write today, I’d been putting it off. But this is a blog and I want and need to embrace the motivation rather than get caught in the lull.

Next blog? Ideas.

It’s Day 7 of 365. Two and a half percent of the way to a finished book.

Thanks for reading

– Tom

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I'm thirty five this year and for work I run my own small website/digital design business. I have a best friend and luckily she is also my wife. This is all capped off with our three year old daughter, who is the greatest/messiest thing ever. I'm writing One Book One Year to kick my own ass into gear with a long term dream, otherwise I'll never do it.


  1. Will Hughes February 11, 2017 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    Take a hike by yourself and get rid of the luggage! ( Knee jerk comments certainly but paralysis by analysis!). My suggestion is to focus on writing a one-page draft of the novel – and set a realistic deadline for this ( weeks)

    • Tom February 15, 2017 at 12:23 pm - Reply

      Definitely. Start with a one page, then we build up to covering what goes where for the entire year.

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