Battling the Two Week Slump OR Saved by the Accountability Packet.

I knew it would happen. But better to know and give one’s enemy a narrowing of the eyes than not know it at all.

Being a web developer/designer type, I’ve got Google Analytics running across everything that I can shove the code in to, including this blog. I check them all regularly, but I think I’m doing this in a unhealthy manner. What does it matter who and how many are reading the blog? Does it mean anything?

I’d love to have a pithy remark here and say Fake News, but on the face of it, Google Analytics is a solemn truth bearer. In order to break this cycle, I’m going to share my last 5 days of traffic; Absolutely zero.

absolute zero

So what does it actually mean to me? I’m not sure. I’ve got a self-induced silence on the go for the next 5 and half months about this AND nobody is arriving at the site. There are two halves of me at this point:

  1. I can give up and no one would be bothered. I could slip away quietly, probably even close the site down.
  2. I can keep going and prove that this is just part of it.

Thing is, I also sent out the Accountability Packet. Which means there will be questions and that is the exact reason I sent that out. If you’re reading this and only want to do one thing to set a fire going, the Accountability Packet is a great start.

I’m sure that there are many others out there with the same tendencies with their own projects. I intend to show that I can defeat this. Not for the thousands of non-existent readers right now, but for myself. At the end of the day, that’s who I’m trying to prove this to. To defeat myself, to overcome a tricky mesh of upper-limiting behaviour.

So what next? I mean right now?

Well, I’m emerging out of my own Two Week Slump. I’ve got great excuses. My Dad visited. There’s business stuff to sort. My daughter started playschool. I can think of loads more. None of them are real excuses though. I had the time and space to plan, but it didn’t happen. 19 days of “planning” my first novel and what have I got to show for it? Not much. Not zero, but not anything like what I’d imagined.

Am I the writer I thought I was? Or is it this period of planning that has me pinned down? Maybe this was a mistake, taking this section to plan. I could have stormed straight into it. Still, I made that tiny little timeline on photoshop so I better stick to it.

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”
― Winston Churchill

It’s Day 19 of 365. Only 9 days left to plan this – I’ve already scrawled up and all over my flip chart, so time to get that into a semblance of order… and research impossible science fiction astro-navigational stuff. Time to nod to camera and perform under pressure.

Thanks for reading

– Tom